Last Minute Christmas Gifts for Web3&Crypto Normies


Anything can be stored as a Non Fungible token but in our case I’m talking abou art NFT’s. I think gifting an NFT is amazing, especially this year where we’re having an INCREDIBLE NFT bull for artists and non-artists.
How would you gift one? If they have a wallet, you should get their wallet adress. If they don’t have a wallet and they’re the ultimate normie; you can create one for them and give the seed phrase along with the NFT.
The Goddess of Rarity 1/1 by Dave Pollot
Also an amazing artist NessGraphic’s selection of NFTs

ENS Domain

What is it tho? It’s your web3 username. It’s your metaverse name. Getting yourname.eth is like getting in 90’s. Go here, check if your friend’s name is taken, if not, take it for them. I promise they’ll love you.

ENS Domain Domain

What’s it again? It’s a domain with emojis. It’s like younger stages of ENS Domain. You can curate a name as cheap as $4. Think of something your friend (or whoever you’re buying it for) likes, curate it with emojis and also you can then mint it as an NFT. Here is mine: domain minted as an NFT

Newsletter Memberships


Tracking Tool Memberships

If your gift recipient is not a foreigner to web3 and actually an active user, then a crypto track tool membership would be the most useful gift however they’re not necessary for newcomers.


How do you feel so far?

Did you get an idea what to get for your friend?

Hardware Wallet and Recovery Phrase Storage

Hardware wallet options





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