Recap: Community Call #3

2 min readMar 3, 2022

February 21–28

This is a digest of discussion on Discord, Community Call #3 of Syndr Protocol.

What did we cover during the call?

  • Announcements and updates about Syndr

We’re structuring the contributing system:

  • We’re thinking about what Syndr’s contributor system should be like. A system that rewards those who make contributions to Syndr community.
  • Any community member that contributes to Syndr, either by participating in community discussions, making posts on a variety of platforms, writing articles on Medium or Mirror, making educational videos about Syndr; basically contributing in any meaningful way will be rewarded.
  • Tiers/roles for Discord, types of tasks, task allocation processes, reward structures, regular activities, and communication strategy are all currently being decided on.
  • Feel free to share your thoughts on Discord.

New team members are joining us soon:

  • We have been actively interviewing both full-time applicants and interns.
  • They’ll be joining us soon with the onboarding process.

Syndr’s investor meetings continues:

  • We are currently on an active investment round and discussing possible Lead-Investors.

Syndr Mascot Design Competition is still open to designers:

  • We are inviting our community members to enter a competition to design a mascot for Syndr.
  • This mascot will be used to complement our brand & customize the look and feel of our community.

Prizes: $1000 for 1st — $500 for 2nd — $300 for 3rd

Deadline: March 7, 2022


We have a big announcement coming this week:

Keep following our Discord channel and Twitter account to be one of the early ones :)

About Syndr Protocol

Syndr is a DeFi protocol for simple, capital-efficient & omnichain synthetic assets with sustainable liquidity.